Internship reports


Victor G. Martinez

Postgraduate student, recipient of the spring LIMS internship 2024


These past two months, from March 1st to May 9th, I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of an internship at the LIMS (Interdepartmental Laboratory Memory and Society) in the Università di Trento, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Giorgia Proietti. During this time, I assisted to her course on Memory Studies, the discipline I want to work on in the future, where I finally got to formally educate myself on several concepts regarding Memory Studies that I had picked up on my own, understanding the chronology of this young discipline, as well as learning about more nuances and concepts within the field. I also assisted to several relevant seminaries with an interdisciplinary focus, and I also used the facilities in the Humanities Department and the Central University Library to work on my own doctoral project on the Muses as mnemonic devices in the construction and maintaining of Greek cultural memory. Prof. Dr. Proietti was kind enough to help me in this personal research, with meetings in which she helped me draft my research proposal, suggested ways to start gathering the sources for my project, and aided me in my quest to find a suitable PhD project, be it in Italy or elsewhere.

I end this internship really encouraged to continue learning and to develop professionally within the field of Memory Studies, in order to contribute and expand to this young discipline. It was an experience I will never forget, and I am convinced that I will return to Trento in the future.